Save Our Union Jobs!

Oregon lawmakers are considering legislation necessary to protect family wage jobs and to preserve a valuable Marion County renewable energy and recycling resource.

Closing Marion County’s Energy-From-Waste plant would have serious consequences:

Skilled union manufacturing jobs lost

500+ tons of waste added to landfills every day

9,800+ additional semi-truck loads on I-5, I-84 each year

Higher county garbage rates, fewer recycling options

More greenhouse gas emissions from landfills and truck traffic

Marion County’s Energy-From-Waste plant is a reliable and renewable energy resource for 9,000 homes. The plant converts more than 500 tons of garbage daily into electricity. Energy from Waste is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-fired energy and recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the European Union for mitigating greenhouse gases.


The plant provides family wage jobs and full health and retirement benefits.

Reflecting Oregon’s recycling ethic, energy-from-waste complements Marion County’s innovative recycling program, one of the most successful in the state. The plant recovers more than 8,000 tons of metal annually – the equivalent of 6,500 cars.
Senate Bill 451 allows the plant to receive renewable energy certificates from Oregon – meaning hardworking Oregonians can continue to provide the Marion County community with a sustainable alternative to fossil fuel-fired energy.

Save skilled union jobs.

Protect local renewable energy.